The attractive contrast between the mild, fertile fruitland on the Moststrasse in the north and the wild-romantic alpine mountain landscape in the south leads to diversified discovery trips through the mountain and hilly landscapes and invites you to sport or history holidays.



Through the gentle hilly landscapes, the route runs along pear tree rows, sightseeing cultural monuments and most farms. The Mostbarone are the best producers of pear, cider, fruit juices and sparkling flavors with an amazing variety of flavors. Birnenmoste are something unique in Europe, but there are apple products everywhere. The often unique varietal specialties are surprising with fine taste nuances from pear-mild to fruity-sparkling to strong-tart.
Convince yourself the best.
In addition to the Mostbirnhaus or Bauernmuseum invite to visit monasterie Seitenstetten, the Basilica on the Sonntagsberg and museums. The Mostviertel is also the "cradle" of today's Austria. In the year 996 Emperor Otto III. gave to the Bishop of Freising 1000 acres of land in the neighborhood of Neuhofen / Ybbs. The name "Ostarrichi" appears for the first time on a document, over the years so comes the name Austria.


In addition to the hilly country in the north, the valleys and the mountains in the south offer
charming hiking and mountain biking. Rugged rock formations and the Ötschergräben - the "Grand Canyon" of Austria with bubbly water all around the natural parks between Ötscher and Hochkar. The mountain world, where winter sports is also at home, characterize the region. There was also the home of the "Black count," as the Hammerherren were once called. Today, there are still stories and works of art from these times.


The varied landscape of the Mostviertel region has a lot to offer. Walking through the hills and you get the strength of the old pear trees. Explore the Moststrasse by bike, climb up some heights and stop at Mostviertler pleasures. Motorcyclists thrill the selected routes through the
varied mountain, river, and valley landscapes in and around the pear country,
from the Wachau to Styria. And golf is versatile sport for all. You can get to know the sport with us, or play on the varied golf courses of the region. Selected packages or personal holiday offers await you.