Mild & Wild

The attractive contrast between the mild, fertile fruitland on the Moststraße in the north, south of the Danube and the wild and romantic alpine mountains in the south of the region tempts you to take a varied journey of discovery through the mountain and hill landscapes and invites you to enjoy sporting or cultural and historical holidays in the Mostviertel.


mildly fruity

The route runs through the gently rolling landscape along rows of pear trees, cultural monuments worth seeing and cider farms. Pear musts are something unique in Europe. The often single-variety must specialties surprise with fine taste nuances, ranging from mild pear to fruity and tangy to strong and tart. In addition 100% fruit juices and fine brandies. Convince yourself of the diverse specialties at a Mostbaron.

In addition to the fruity delights, the Mostbirnhaus or farmer’s museum, monasteries, the basilica on the Sonntagberg and museums or exhibitions invite you to visit. The Mostviertel is also the “cradle” of today’s Austria. In the year 996 Emperor Otto III. gave the Bishop of Freising 1000 hectares of land in the area around the neighboring community of Neuhofen/Ybbs. The name “Ostarrichi” appears for the first time on the deed of donation, from which Austria developed over the years.


wild alpine

In the wild-alpine Mostviertel, guests can undertake shared hikes and summit tours. The Mostviertler mountains are part of the Limestone Alps and offer deep gorges and bizarre forms through the effects of water, wind, and weather, such as the Ötschergräben in the Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park. The well-known peaks such as Ötscher, Dürrenstein, and Hochkar are just under 2,000 meters high and appear particularly high alpine due to the lower tree line. The peaks and gorges are also home to primeval forests and a diverse range of plants, such as in the Dürrenstein Wilderness Area. The Eisenstraße Lower Austria also offers exciting time travel experiences and opportunities to experience the craftsmanship of blacksmiths, charcoal burners, and lumberjacks.


enjoyment and experience

The varied landscape of the Mostviertel has a lot to offer. Hike through the hills and recharge your batteries under old giant pear trees.

Explore the Moststraße by bike, climb some heights and stop off at Mostviertler pleasures.

Motorcyclists are enthusiastic about the selected routes through the varied mountain, river and valley landscapes in and around the region, from the Wachau to Styria.

And that golf is a versatile sport for everyone, you can get to know us here, or experience enjoyable rounds on varied courses.

Selected packages or personal holiday offers await you.
We look forward to your inquiry about an enjoyable and eventful stay in the Mostviertel!